National Orgasm Day 11 things you didn’t know about climaxing and why you should

When it comes to orgasms, innate knowledge of this art varies.

Apart from the symptoms of an orgasm like, increased heart rates and breath, there’s so much more you may not know.

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Orgasms are very popular, hence today being named an annual celebration.

While National Orgasm Day is bound to be popular, some are still not certain of what exactly orgasms entail.

When you have an orgasm, your heart beats faster and your breathing gets quicker and heavier, says the NHS.

Apart from these, there are so many more reasons to have orgasms and so much more to learn about them.

We have compiled 11 mind blowing facts you may not have known about orgasms.

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Such as:

  1. The more you orgasm, the younger you look.
  2. Climaxing is a great stress reliever.
  3. Orgasms help banish insomnia, helping you sleep better.
  4. Birthgasms– Child birth is also a form of orgasm for women.
  5. There are actual world records formasturbation.
  6. CoregasmsOrgasms brought on by exercise.
  7. Semen has antidepressant properties.
  8. orgasms boost the immune system.
  9. You can train yourself into having better orgasms.
  10. Some animals actually climax, like rabbits and ferrets.
  11. Orgasms get better with age.

What are you waiting for?



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