KCee See the singer’s massive shoe collection

Pop singer and self-acclaimed ‘fashion icon’KCee loves to buy cars and from his latest pictures on his Instagram, shoes too.

The 5 Star Music act on July 5, 2015 showed his shoe collection which is more of a shoe closet. It is huge. The room is filled with all types of shoes, sneakers, loafers, sandals, slippers and Timbalands.

‎It is a very impressive collection of footwear from the pop star whose isn’t exactly known for his fashion sense.

KCee has so many shoes that it will be hard for him to decide which pair he would wear. “Help me make a decision my good friends” wrote the ‘Limpopo’ singer in the caption of the picture of him with his shoes.

‎The pop act recently released a brand new video ‘Love Boat‘ featuring Tanzanian actDiamond.

Last month KCee paid for the school fees of one of his fans.

Source: pulse. ng


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