IK Ogbonna Actor speaks on why he named his son Ace

Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna who is a new dad and husband has revealed why he named his son Ace.

The movie star said he gave his son that name after checking up the meaning in the dictionary and seeing the qualities attached to it.

While going through names I saw a name with all these and I said to my self instantly … His name is Ace : A person who excels at a particular sport or other activity” he wrote on Instagram. ‎

IK Ogbonna also stated that he wants to be a good mentor to Ace.

All I can try to be is a good guide to him and I am sure that won’t be a problem with God by my side and the best mother in the world for my kids” he wrote in the caption of the photo of his son shared on June 30, 2015.‎

Yesterday, IK Ogbonna tied the knot with his Colombian lover Sonia Morales in a low key court ceremony in Belgrade.

Before saying their vows, they soaked up the sights and sounds of the capital city of the Eastern European country yesterday.

Like true love birds, Ogbonna and Morales couldn’t keep their hands off each other. While walking on the streets of Belgrade, they were into heavy public displays of affection.

Source: pulse.ng

  • Ace Ogbonna taking a nap (Instagram)

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