See Duncan Mighty’s Expensive Garage Flaunts Wealth

Yes Duncan Mighty has got it and he is flaunting it. The respected producer/musician who has made name for himself with his hit single “Port Harcourt 1st Son” and several other hits has so much to show for his contribution to the Nigerian music.

It will be recalled that the singer was not born with silver spoon, he had to hustle his way to the top like many of his colleagues in the industry. But today the rest is history as he has cemented his place in the industry’s hall of fame and one of the richest singer in Nigeria.

Duncan has a mansion in his hometown at the heart of Port Harcourt city and guess what? He is a car freak; he has expensive and inviting collection of automobiles.

About six months ago, the singer frowned at celebrities trend of going abroad to stage their weddings as he gave his stern stand on it.‎

Here are pictures from his garage….



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