Ramadan Day 4 The death of doubt

His name is Abu Dharr al-Ghiffari.

He was one of the early Muslims. He was the one about whom Muhammad (SAW) said that the most truthful tongue in this Ummah is the tongue of Abu Dharr.

Fast forward past the time the Prophet once asked him, “O Abu Dhar! What would you do if you witnessed a time when commanders monopolize the war booty?”He replied, “I swear by Allah Who sent you with the truth, I would strike them with my sword!” The Prophet SAW said to him, ‘Shall I guide you to what is better? Be patient till you meet me.”

Fast forward past the time he led protests after the Prophet’s death, against the strongholds of power and wealth, from Syria to Madinah, with labourers and the masses rallying him as he recited his anthem: “Announce to those who hoard up gold and silver, the warning of branding irons with which their foreheads and bodies will be branded in the hereafter.” (check 9:34-35)

Press play, just where the pangs of death have come to Abu Dharr in his old age.

His wife begins to cry and he asks why. She says, “You are dying in the desert while I do not have a piece of cloth to shroud you”.

He says, “Stop weeping and cheer up. I have heard the Prophet say, ‘None of a pair will die, who had observed patience over the death of two or three of their children, but that they’ll never see Hellfire.’ I also heard him say addressing a group of people including me, ‘One of you will die in a deserted patch of land in the presence of a group of true believers.’ Now, none of that group he addressed is alive. And they all died in towns or villages. I am remaining. So, look out at the road.”

She says, “The Hajj caravans have all left and the road is bare.” So she alternates climbing the dunes to lookout and taking care of him.

Then a caravan appears. In a moment they are with her and ask what the matter is. She says, “One of the Muslims is dying. Would you like to bury him?” They ask who it is and they say Abu Dharr, they ask, “The Prophet’s Companion?” She says yes. They begin to say, “May our parents be sacrificed for him,” (that’s Arab for ‘he’s awesome’) and rush in.

He tells them, “Cheer up. I have heard the Prophet say to a group of people of whom I was one, ‘One of you will die in a deserted patch of land in the presence of a group of true believers.’ Now, they have all died. By Allah, I do not have a piece of cloth to be shrouded, nor my wife. I abjure that none will offer his sheet of cloth who has ever been a governor, a leader, a (governmental) messenger, or in charge over a people. None fit the criteria’ One of the Ansar (Medinite) says, ‘I shall shroud you in pieces of cloth that my mother spun for me.’

He doesn’t live long after that.

But there’s one strong theme; his conviction in the words of Allah’s Messenger.

Even in death, in an empty desert, with no hope in sight, his conviction remained strong.

That’s faith.

It is men like this that Allah’s speaks about when He says, “Only those are the believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger, and afterward do not doubt but strive with their wealth and their lives for the Cause of Allah. Those! They are the truthful”. [Surah al-Hujurat (49):15]

When we feed our Iman, doubt dies.

May Allah strengthen our iman.

The faults are mine and Allah knows best.

Source: pulse.ng


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