APC Lost Senate Leadership To PDP, What’s Next?

Editor’s note: “One thing is obvious to everyone: the APC is presently consisting of two uncompromising power blocks that can tear the party in shreds: the PDP block and the APC block. Can the APC block take the “PDP bull” by the horn and throw him out of the party?” Ini Morgan,Naij.com’s regular guest author, asks a question that actually worries a lot of Nigerians. How the APC vs PDP struggle will finally be resolved, and how many losses the APC will have to incur?
Story highlights:

– “This is, therefore, the voice of one of many Nigerians, who again turned out to be the real losers in the APC/National Assembly election drama”.

– “The APC suffered two losses in the now rested National Assembly elections drama. This double tragedy must not become triple”.

– “In my opinion, until the APC finds a way to do away with the PDP members among them, it can never know the peace inside the party. This will be the APC’s triple loss”.

The obvious crack in the wall of the “APC house” caused by the National Assembly election outcome cannot be quickly and easily covered up by the party. I cannot assimilate why the emerged issues are hidden. For the party to pretend that no issue exists would be indulging self-deceit.

It would be the worst crime to deprive the masses that gave the APC a popular mandate of an explanation why the party helplessly suffered such level of ridicule. Nigerians want to see change in how the APC handles what happened. Sweeping everything under the carpet and pretending that nothing happened would be a serious disservice to Nigerians.

This is, therefore, the voice of one of many Nigerians, who again turned out to be the real losers in the APC/National Assembly election drama. I am particularly protesting the unnecessary and dangerous politicking by some APC senators in the 8th Assembly aimed at tearing down the change agenda I have been supporting. I see their act as an attempt to return us to the valley of impunity, among other sociopolitical ills, where we have recently ascended from, and as unwillingness to face the present economic troubles. Change chanters have turned into change hunters.

Workers in various states are suffering from prolonged arrears of salaries. At the same time, 8th National Assembly members are to collect N17m and N21m of “wardrobe allowance” per each member of the green and red chambers respectively by the next week. This is raw insensitivity and inhuman disposition to the people. It is like observing a one-minute silence over my dead body instead of giving me what is mine.

In my opinion, the present situation in the Nigerian Senate could have been easily resolved if the PDP senators had been the only ones in the senate chamber when the senate leaders were proclaimed. I think it would have been a better standing for the APC than the current one.

The APC lost totally because of those who tagged the APC a rebel party. The lie in defence of saboteurs suggesting it was good that some APC senators were in the chambers during proclamation was an appeal to political ignorance.

Take it or leave it, things might have been better for the APC if the PDP senators had taken over the Senate leadership without a contribution from any APC member. The party’s unity and dignity would have remained intact. No member of the party would have been tagged a rebel, and the international ridicule the APC suffered could have been avoided. Moreover, Senator Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara’s gatecrash into the APC National Working Committee against the wish of the party leadership would have been checkmated.

It was extremely disgusting to read how jobbers clothed as “political analysts”quickly put a knife to the “soul” of the APC and carved out a piece of it for their patrons injecting “politicking” into the APC’s veins to sedate the change we yearn for. They will never mind if after this the APC goes down because the broken house of the PDP is now eager to take over again.

Truth will remain truth no matter regardless of the fabrications around it. I looked closely at the APC again and discovered that both Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara were still members of the just resurrected PDP “power block” within the APC. It contains those who initially sought refuge in the APC. They quickly forgot that the APC is a party framed in deliberations, dialogue and negotiations.

When merging, all things were sorted out, but those gatecrashing into the party were not willing to negotiate their aspirations. If I was Chief Oyegun, I would have expelled both men from the party and risk the result. I insist the APC would have been better off with an entire PDP leadership in the National Assembly, what else could be more novel?

Let me clear my stand by mentioning the words of Rotimi Amaechi, who confessed that he would have gone on exile if Muhammadu Buhari had lost the election. They all knew what damage they caused to the PDP, and that they would have been persecuted by the PDP government if they had got elected. What the PDP wanted from the APC in the beginning is not what they are scrambling for now. Here is where I hold the offenders guilty.

Against my expectation that the PDP senators would invest in the discipline, they totally lacked as a party, and punish those PDP members who betrayed them. I was just wrong: a leopard never changes its spots. They had the option to choose between national interests and personal interests. It was indeed their call.

The PDP revenge was two-fold: the ACN/Tambuwal rebellion and the party divorce. They chose to support their own deviants, and took the revenge in which Nigerians were the biggest losers. Instead of punishing individuals to correct them, they chose an organisational struggle.

Nevertheless, this only clarifies how selfish and self-conceited our political class is. I felt humiliated when I found out that they actually set a part for themselves in our march towards 2019. They will soon realize that the real change is with Nigerians, not the the APC. They chose to be demonic, and we will demonize them.

They care not about how Nigerians would see them, but how politically beneficial they would be for them. These political soul stabbers always use others to attain political power. It will be interesting this time.

The majority of those who supported the ignoble act claimed it was “cutting Tinubu to size”. I wonder where they were when Bola Tinubu took a trip to Kaduna to see Muhammadu Buhari in 2010, and the idea of a merger was first sounded but failed. The earlier they grasp the fact that the APC has always been guided by two lights, the better for them if they seriously want to see the party growing and prosperous.

Sooner or later, all political nomads will vacate the APC, but I wish they are thrown out now. They are a cancerous bunch only capable of harming the others. They always nose for where there are greener pastures for them. Check Turaki Abubakar Atiku up, he is an unstable man and so are all his teammates.

Where was this “PDP APC” power block when Bola Tinubu went again to Muhammadu Buhari in 2012, and the APC story began? Where were they when the birth pangs of the APC’s delivery were endured, and when the celebration of a newborn was in full play? Why are their hangers-on trying deliberately to rewrite the recent history through non-relative figures of expression? Why are they exerting futile efforts?

I will never forget that the same question Prof Jerry Gana asked the PDP refugees on the night when High Chief Ray Aleogho Dokpesi hosted the then President Goodluck Jonathan at a “farewell dinner” at the Aso Rock Villa. Prof Gana knew that sooner or later such question would arise among the APC ranks, and I do not mind being the one to reverberate it: “Where were they?!”

Interestingly, Dele Momodu, a supporter of the APC dissidents, labeled the PDP as the APC’s “bride”. As for the ANPP and APGA, he called them “bridesmaids” at the wedding between the CPC/ACN and the PDP. I strongly disagree with him. If the PDP was a “bride”, all the rest would be“bridegrooms”.

There was never a “CPC/ACN” APC. At that time, I by no means saw the PDP as the APC’s “bride”. I actually saw a bunch of desperate homeless men who agreed to fight a common enemy for a roof over their heads. For God’s sake, the APC was already an operative household before the PDP asked to be admitted.

Where was the PDP when the merged opposition parties bonded? What were its members doing when Bola Tinubu established itself as the party leader? Where were they when Bola Tinubu forwarded Muhammadu Buhari as the APC presidential candidate?

Where were they when Muhammadu Buhari asked Bola Tinubu to anoint a vice president for him? Were all these done in darkness? Why weren’t disagreements, if there were any, made public to the benefit of ordinary Nigerians supporting the party? I speak on behalf of the oppressed citizens who are insisting on change.

There was absolutely no reason for anyone to overturn the prevailing order in the party, no matter how uncomfortable they might feel about the decisions of the leadership. The party has its internal mechanism for handling its members’ grievances. I doubt if the alleged “overbearing” nature of Bola Tinubu would work with me. Only defeatists would tag a man because he succeeds at political negotiations and strategic planning. Until the obstruction, Bola Tinubu had always remained a trustworthy leader.

Why were Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara afraid of jawing with their party leadership? Would anything have changed? Maybe yes, because Bola Tinubu could have overborne them. Who can tell the vision of the APC better? Bola Tinubu managed to deliver under rebellion in the congregation of opportunists, particularly because men like David Mark and Ike Ekwerenmadu were there.

While Nigerians fought hard to dislodge the PDP from the undeserved height, some politicians were forcing us back to our vomits. I will not swallow their imposition calmly. I am not mincing words here. Before Bukola Saraki “stole” the Senate presidency, I had written three articles shouting that he should be resisted by everyone who wanted to see Nigeria moving on positively and progressively.

I claimed Bukola Saraki was a politician“that knows nothing about political sacrifice”. True to my prediction, the APC leadership toyed with their privilege to discipline its members, and was disgraced by babysitting and bottle-feeding the rebels.

Source: naij.com


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