Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Fashion Regrets

Kendall Jenner may have a designer wardrobe that we can only dream of
owning but even she’s admits that not all of her past outfits have
been worthy of catwalk status.

While were hard pressed to think of a look that the 19-year-old model
hasn’t absolutely killed it in, she’s revealed the get-ups that still haunt her to this day…

Being one of the most-watched women in the world right now, it comes as no surprise that one of Kendall’s main priorities is her appearance. Along with her famous sisters, they each look Kardashian perfect whenever they step out of their gated mansions clad in the latest collections from their favourite designers and high-street stores alike. And, at the launch of she and her younger sister Kylie’s second range for PacSun they revealed keeping up their respective stylish appearances is a skill that they’ve developed with time.

Chatting to US site WhoWhatWear, 17-year-old Kylie said:

We try not to overthink what we’re wearing and don’t have any MAJOR fashion
regrets — yet! But when we look back at old pictures, we can’t help
but laugh at some of our outfits.

To which Kendall added:

Yeah, my biggest fashion regret is when we
were little our mom used to dress us in matching clothes, so we
definitely have some major fashion fails from childhood. – Source:


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