A letter to Onyx Godwin (Effeminacy & Masculinity) by LIB reader

A LIB reader Mayowa Aboah writes an open letter to Onyx Godwin. Read below…

This letter is not to support Onyx or mock him in anyway but to let LIBers and the general public face the fact that some people were born this way and more are still coming. Effeminacy in men and masculinity in women is something we encounter regularly in our society. We see them in buses, on the road side, churches, mosques, television, schools. etc. They are everyhwhere, you can’t escape it. Effeminacy in men and masculinity in women are no doubt associated with homosexuality which i think its normal for people to think so.

But it should also be noted that certainly not all homosexual people give evidence of these characteristics. Some just got luckier than some, so dont be too quick to judge. Have you ever asked yourself why anybody would choose to be effeminate in a world that makes life miserable for effeminate people? Think about it. These people are not mad.

They were born the normal way just like you and i, They have blood running through their viens.So why mock them? The real manhood or womanhood is not measured in superficial things like the way we pronounce words, how we throw a ball, or how we cross our legs and i guess that was why Onyx was able to get the job he was interviewed for. God created us to be social creatures.

As Christians ,Muslims & Others, we should be above being advocates of societal stereotypes of “real men” and “real women”. we should appreciate the wonderful diversity that God has created in us. It’s not their fault they were created that way so why not just accept them and let the world rest. I know of Influencial people in Politics and in the Entertainment industry who are effeminate, blooming in their careers and touching lives.

Isn’t that the essence of life? So why the headache. Is it untill they start commiting sucide? Lets rise above hate. Its not like we are staying on earth forever. We will all die and all these things wont matter again. Let me stop here because LIBers dont like reading long stories. Lol.

Onyx, live your life biko. Mayowa Aboah .

Source: Linda ikeji


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