Ibadan Big Boy, Saheed Fowosere Tells Us How He Started The Most Patronized Club In Ibadan

You all know I am in Ibadan at the moment right? Hahaha and because I am not lazy at what I do, I decided to bring to you the most talked about club owner in the town. His real names are Saheed Fowosere but those familiar with Ibadan knows him as Infinities or Saheed Gafo, so we approached him and sat him down for a quick interview for your delight. And it will amaze you the interview took place around 10:48pm.

A lot of people call you Infinities (your club name) or Saheed Gafo, can you please tell us your real names?

My real names are Fawosere Saheed

How does it feel being one of the few club owners in Ibadan, most importantly running one of the most patronized clubs?

Owning a popular club in Ibadan automatically makes you famous. I will say it is something good that comes with the business, because popularity brings more patronage and I am in this for business.

So how have you been enjoying the fame that comes with owning a club?

Well, I have been enjoying it, being a source of living for me, I have to enjoy it. It’s tough sometimes but I have been enjoying it, because my club is my basic way of life, so I have been enjoying it.

You frequent United Kingdom, what’s the difference between the social life of people in the Western world and that of Ibadan? Have people accepted night life in Ibadan or you still convince them to come out?

To be honest when it comes to western world or even in Lagos. There’s no way you can compare the two with the life in Ibadan. Though Ibadan is improving. I am one of the people that started the club business in Ibadan, I started 6 years ago and there has been a big improvement. We are growing and the people of Ibadan are gradually accepting the new night life in Ibadan.

Are you married or single?

Yes I am married with kids, but my family lives partly in Nigeria and UK. We do in and out.

As a club owner girls flaunt around you, especially because of your business. How have you been able to cope with them coupled with managing your family and not getting into trouble with your wife?

The most important thing in life is that, if you are a married man and you are lucky to marry your destined wife, you will have no problem. I thank God for giving me my own wife. Girls flocking around me have not really been an issue between us. My marriage and my business are working perfectly fine.

Tell us about your educational background

I schooled in Ibadan. I went to Methodist primary school and Methodist High School in Ibadan. And after then I went to Ogun State University and I left in 2005. I later went abroad before returning to start my business.

How did you come about owning a club? You didn’t study anything relating to it, did you?

Right from my secondary school days, I have always loved social life. I was very social. It’s a game I really understand. When I was in the university I was a club chief, so I would say it’s an inbuilt thing, it’s something I have loved. So it was very easy for me to go into it.

Thank you for talking to us.

Source: LadunLiadinews.com


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